A Fellowship for People who Love The Arts
of people who love the arts sharing the belief the
arts can inspire our creative dreams to become
magnificent worlds of our deepest experiences
reminding us who we really are. Therefore, our
fellowship shares a desire to support, encourage,
and explore the artistic experiences of creative
individuals and groups as they go forward toward
their dreams.” Mission Statement
The Forwardian Arts Society held its 1st Forwardian Arts Festival (known as ArtSmash of the Poconos) in the Fall of 2009 and it
proved to be an encouraging success. Several similar events took place throughout the years in venues both large and small
never failing to enhance the event they're a part of such as long established festivals or gallery openings.
What The Forwardian Arts Society Offers Art Lovers
How The Forwardian Arts Society Supports The Arts
Although we are based in Monroe County, PA, The Forwardian Arts Society is a world wide fellowship welcoming everyone who wishes to become a part of it
no matter where they are or what their life’s condition may be. Never let anything become a barrier between you and your love for the arts.
Image redone by Ray Burke
As our mission statement suggests, The Forwardian Arts Society is a fellowship for people who love the arts. We define
ourselves as a fellowship as compared to an organization because organization suggests some form of hierarchy exists
where some members would have the right (or assume to have the right) to tell other member what to do. On the other hand, a
fellowship suggests every member is equal to one another and each member’s conduct in The Forwardian Arts Society is only
governed by their love for the arts.

We invite everyone who love the arts to be a part of The Forwardian Arts Society. It’s free with the only requirements for
membership is to have a love for the arts and a desire to be a part of The Forwardian Arts Society. We have a monthly online
newsletter we would be honored to email you. We also have a survey so we can learn more about you and your love for the
Please contact to receive our newsletter and/or survey indicating which one (s) you would like us to send you.

The Forwardian Arts Society Friend and Facilitator Paul (aka The Forwardian Dude) travels all around experiencing a multitude
of adventures throughout the artistic community. You can see him almost anywhere there's an artists' reception being held, a
play being presented, or a concert being performed with his camera and note pad. He posts his articles and reviews along
with the photographs he takes on his Social Networks. He says, "The reason I do this is twofold. One is to help promote the
artist and the venue through these sites and second to help people who can't attend these events for whatever reason to still
partake of them." You'll find summaries of Paul's Recent Adventures listed below. Please feel free to read the complete article
or review as well as view more pictures by clicking on the links provided. Your comments are welcomed. Oh, and please feel
free to follow us on
twitter and “Like” us on Facebook.
The Forwardian Arts Society expresses its love for the arts by providing numerous avenues for artists of every discipline to explore. All
members of The Forwardian Arts Society and their friends are welcomed to participate. These avenues include Our
Forwardian Arts
Festivals (which include our Forwardian Film Festivals, Our Group and Solo Exhibitions, and our Literary and Arts Magazine "Forwardian."
We would like to invite and encourage you to join us in our endeavor to offer the community a variety of creative experiences. Please feel
free to read more about what we do and contact us to learn how to become part of our future endeavors.
Wednesday May 19th 2010 saw the birth of the our
Literary and Art Magazine
It quickly became known for its meaningful literature, inspiring
poetry, and its captivating images.

Our publication is presented online and is free to all.
well as enhancing our abilities to offer an outlet for the many talented individuals and groups
we meet.

Since The Forwardian Arts Society began in October 2001, we have come a long way in
fulfilling our mission to encourage, support, and love those in the creative community as
they go forward toward their dreams.
But, there is much more to be done.

We invite you to come with us on our adventures as we endeavor to enhance the creative
aspects of our community.
Please feel free to contact us and share your dreams and goals
with us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and we'll keep a good thought for you until then.
Events, Opportunities, and
Educational Experiences

Membership Page

In June of 2011, The Forwardian Arts Society began
offering the visual artists among its membership an
opportunity to present their talents in a gallery setting. The
Forwardian Arts Society continues its support of the arts
in seeking venues and opportunities to showcase the
work of its membership.

We welcome all  artists and photographers to share their
work with us for possible exhibition.
"My kind of town in
honor of Frank Sinatra"
by James “Mitso”
appears on
the front cover of
the current issue of

Forwardian Exhibition featuring the works of
Susan Washington, Stephen Washington,
James Chesnick, Kelly Ann Klee (aka Girl From Mars),
Laurinda Faye Rubin, and Patricia A Griffin
was on display at
The Castle Inn Gallery* in Delaware Water Gap, PA
From January 5th until February 28th, 2014.
The School of Visual and
Performing Arts
Dog Days of Summer
Until September 15th
You’ll find more photographs
The SVPA 2014 Gallery.
The SOHO in the BURG
Presented their
Picture Perfect Exhibition
Saturday August 30th
You’ll find more photographs
The Stroudsburg Art District
2014 Gallery.

We welcome all writers, poets, artists, and photographers to
share their work with us for possible publication with us.
Submission of your work can be made from
Until Wednesday October 15th.
Read our Submission Guidelines.

We are pleased to announce
Kristina LoBracco Marcisak of KLM Photography
is now our new
Assistant Art and Photography Director.
ArtSmash of the Poconos co
Debbie Burke,
talks to the media
during the first
Forwardian Arts Festival.
Susan Washington, James
Chesnick, and Kelly Ann Klee
(aka Girl From Mars) share
their creative insights during
Artists' Reception for
Forwardian Exhibit on
Saturday January 25th,  2014
Read Our Article About
The Artists Reception.
Are you an Artist or Photographer who would like to see their work displayed in one of our exhibitions?


Do you have a venue in which we could present an exhibition?

Please feel free to contact us.
The 8th Annual Stroudfest
took place
Throughout the town of
Stroudsburg, PA
Saturday August 30th
You’ll find more photographs
The Stroudfest 2014 Gallery.
The Celebration of the Arts
held their final
General Meeting for 2014
Tuesday September 2nd
You’ll find more photographs
The COTA Meetings 2014
Although much of what we offer to Artists
and Art lovers is free, maintaining this
website is not. Please give what you can
to help us continue to serve the creative
community through this website
The 37th Annual
Celebration of the Arts (COTA)
Jazz and Arts Festival
Took Place
September 5th - 7th
You’ll find more photographs
The COTA 2014 Gallery.
The 10th Annual
Bushkill Blues Festival
Took Place
Sunday August 10th
You’ll find more photographs
The Bushkill Blues Festival
2014 Gallery.